S-D Consulting (Scotland) Ltd offers the following courses in Slickline/Wireline:

Wireline Appreciation
For candidates that only require a working knowledge of Slickline techniques and best practices.  These courses can be theory only, or if equipment is available, can be a mixture of theory and practical.
Basic Wireline 

Is aimed at trainee Wireline operators with around 6 months experience in the field or workshop.  This course is a mixture of theory and practical bench work stripping, understanding and rebuilding tools.

If a Training Well is available, Practical Rig-up and running/pulling of downhole tools can also be included.

Intermediate Wireline 

Is aimed at Wireline Operators/assistant operators with a minimum of 18 months experience.  This course is a mixture of theory, primarily downhole technique such as hydraulic effects on downhole tools etc.  Practical bench work understanding the reasons for tool failure and effects of incorrect tool manufacture and use.

Downhole running/pulling techniques can be demonstrated if a Training Well is available.

Advanced Wireline 

For the more experienced Operator. Includes Slickline Fishing Techniques from the planning stage through to the execution of the fishing job,  Fishing Toolbox design and the minimum tools required for a successful outcome.  Fishing project work based on actual recent successful fishing jobs designed and supervised by the instructor.  Use of braided line, associated equipment such as Grease Injection equipment, and industry best practices.

Practical Wire Fishing can be demonstrated if a Training Well is available.


All courses can be conducted at your premises using your equipment if required.  Courses can be tailored to your specific requirements and duration.  Practical instruction and/or supervision can be given on live Wells in the field.

Alternatively, S-D Consulting (Scotland) Ltd can arrange tailored training at a fully equipped training facility in Montrose, Scotland complete with 2500’ Training Well.

Training can be conducted to comply with any internal/external competence assessment system.

All candidates on courses with 3 or more days duration can be continually assessed culminating in a 2 – 3 hour exam at the end of the course. Comprehensive reports on each individuals performance can be produced for his/her manager.