International Well Control Forum - Well Intervention(I.W.C.F.) is an internationally recognised qualification for Well Services Personnel. This course consists of five possible subjects. These are:

Principles & Procedures Compulsory paper 1.5 hour exam
Completions Compulsory paper 30 minute exam
Wireline Optional paper 30 minute exam
Coiled Tubing Optional paper 30 minute exam
Snubbing  Optional paper 30 minute exam

This course can be taken at a Level 1 (Operators Level)   or a Level 2 (Supervisors Level).  The only difference in the 2 levels is in the Principles & Procedures paper which has approximately 30% less questions on the Level 1 paper, but 1.5 hours is still the permitted exam duration.  Technical papers all remain the same.

Candidates do not require all papers to pass the exam.  Principles & Procedures and Completions plus any ONE of the Technical Papers are obligatory.  For example, a Wireline Operator would only require P & P, Completions and Wireline with passes at 70% at Level 1 or 2 to qualify for an IWCF certificate.  However, many Oil and Gas producers will insist that Supervisors take all subjects at Level 2.

The minimum duration of the course, as determined by IWCF is 32 hours for the full course, and 18 hours for the refresher (excluding the IWCF written tests).

In order to maintain the IWCF qualification, all candidates must re-sit the course every 2 years.  It is advised that any candidate attending a course for the first time take the full 32 hour course, and if confident in their knowledge when their certificate is due for renewal, take the 18 hour refresher course.

S-D Consulting (Scotland) Ltd can conduct this course anywhere in the world.  We can offer the following:

  • An instructor that has first-hand practical working knowledge of each discipline.

  • Longer courses in locations where English is not the candidates first language, and extra tuition may be required.

  • High quality Powerpoint classroom presentations.

  • A comprehensive course manual.

  • Interactive mock exams.

The course must be conducted in an IWCF approved classroom facility, and the exam must be invigilated by a non-technical invigilator, supplied by IWCF.

S-D Consulting (Scotland) Ltd can assist companies with appropriate training facilities to gain IWCF accreditation for Well Intervention.