S-D Consulting (Scotland) Ltd can offer a range of HS&E services which include:


HAZCLEAR  -  Is a system of Hazard/Unsafe Act Identification, Recording, Risk Assessment and Hazard Elimination by Risk Priority.

HAZCLEAR incorporates a card based hazard/unsafe act record which is sent to a focal point, i.e. HS&E office for the Hazard details to be entered on a database.  Either HS&E or the Hazard identifier will have assessed the Risk level and categorised it in Level 1, 2 or 3. (High, medium or Low Risk).

The card is uniquely numbered on the Dbase, and then sent to the manager of the Hazard location for the Hazard to be eliminated, or the unsafe act to be addressed.

The manager, having eliminated the Hazard (according to its assessed Risk) or taken action in the case of an unsafe act, will record his/her actions on the card. The card is then returned to the focal point.  The action taken is recorded on the Dbase and the Hazard closed out.  Hazards not closed out in a reasonable timeframe are immediately identified and can be tracked to the manager responsible and action ensured.





An uncomplicated 4hour training session, which includes 1 hour of practical Hazard Identification is all that is required to train all personnel in the competent use of the system.

System Features

  • The system has been developed and proven over six years and has been continually used for the same period of time by some organisations.
  • The card is self explanatory, easy to carry and use and can be bi-lingual.
  • A simple Risk card, also pocket sized, allows immediate Risk Assessment.
  • The Database ensures that all identified Hazards or Unsafe Acts are acted on.
  • Management are seen to be actively involved in using the system.
  • The system has been proven to work well in diverse communities which include:  British, American, German, French, Dutch, African and Arab nationals.


S-D Consulting (Scotland) Ltd also offer HS&E training in:

Permit to Work
Lock-out, Tag-out.
Confined Space Entry*
Working at Heights
Hazard Elimination
Elimination of Major Hazards



(This is an example of some available courses).

*Confined Space Entry

S-D Consulting (Scotland) Ltd have designed a one week practical Confined Space Entry and rescue course which included an integrated customers Permit to Work, Lock-out Tag-out, Hazard Identification/Risk Assessment systems.  The objectives of the course were to integrate the customers systems into a seamless demonstration on their individual importance to personnel safety.
The course focused on Teamwork and culminated in an emergency response confined space rescue.  Participants were continually assessed against company standards of competence throughout the course.

Health, Safety and Training Auditing

S-D Consulting (Scotland) Ltd can also offer Health, Safety and Environmental auditing in systems compliance and physical and environmental Hazards in the workplace.

Training systems compliance auditing can also be conducted.