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Preparing to Rig-up
Rigging-up Lubricator
Zeroing Toolstring
Operating Safely
rigging up bop stack
Good Communication
Stripping Hydromech jars
Hydromech Jar Assembly
Understanding Jars
Learning Tools
Softset gauge hanger
Hydraulic Tool Repair
Learning ‘X’ Line
‘X’ Line Running Tool
Downhole Tool Instruction
Potential Wireline Operator
Operating the Unit
Working with Toolstrings
Picking up Toolstring
Preparing to RIH
Wireline Fishing Africa
Wireline Fishing Africa
Wireline Fishing Africa
Wireline Fishing Africa
Fished Wire & Tools
Creating Fishing Job (Trg)
Fishing Wire from Well
Wire Fished with Grab
BA Trg (Confined Space)
Ready to use BA
Go to Confined Space
Confined Space Rescue
Confined Space Teamwork
Confined Space Entry
Confined Space Entry
Confined Space repair
Theoretical Work
Teaching the Unit
Teaching Hand Jarring
Lubricator Safe Handling
Teaching Well Safety
Braided Line Rig-up
Checking Grease Pump
Hydraulic Tools
ASEP Highline Australia
Demo with cutaway SSD
Shifting Cutaway SSD
Fly Annoyance Australia
Learning Kickover Tool
Pinning Tool to RIH
Training Wellhead
Running Kickover Tool
Using ‘Hazclear’
Spotting Hazards w/’Hazclear’
Hazclear Team, Libya