Practical Completion Training

It is increasingly evident that in many areas the science of completion design is all but forgotten, and many new Wells have completions designed by "that's the way we've always done it here".  Consequently many completions are run with complete disregard to the Well Services that inevitably follow during the life of the Well, as a Well Schematic pulled from a file draw is dusted down and used for the new Well.  Hence one reason for the increase in Well Service Fishing jobs.

We can offer Completion Courses designed around the type of Completions that your operators are most familiar with, but at the same time the participants will conduct an exercise in proving the Completion type, and considering alternatives.  Due consideration will be given to Well Service operations post-completion phase.   Although these courses will be theory based, the content will include the complete running of the completion with scenarios for Packer selection, Running, Setting, Pulling/Milling. Everything from Tubing Tallying, Movement Calculations and Pressure/Temperature effects, Safe make-up and handling considerations can be included. Exercises in Completion Design, Running and Pulling can be designed as Teamwork Projects.

Course Duration:   Typically one week or two weeks if other specialist companies are involved.

Completions can also be a part of a combination Wireline, Coil and Completion Course.